Core believes in thriving communities

Under the leadership of Mark Deutschmann, Core is committed to giving back to Nashville’s vibrant community through partnerships with organizations like Urban Land Institute Nashville and through investments back into the community through the CoreFund.

Core leaders have worked with members of the community, city leaders, and nonprofit organizations to breathe new life into Nashville neighborhoods, helping to create the dynamic, in-demand city that is still growing and thriving today.


At Core, we believe that we can use real estate to inspire social change. We recognize that real estate is more than bricks and mortar; it’s about people, and the opportunity to improve people’s lives. Giving to causes which strengthen our neighborhoods, the land and the local economy elevates our great city. The greater our city can become, the more we will all benefit.

We feel that supporting the community in which we work and live is not just an idea, but it is our responsibility to help it thrive. Crucial to a healthy community are attributes including belonging, resiliency, diversity, connection, safety, and joy.

That is why we give a percentage of our profits to the CoreFund which gives to a wide array of non-profits that enrich our neighborhoods and communities. The CoreFund focuses on four areas of giving to include housing, community, environment and smart growth, and the arts. To learn more about the CoreFund, click here.

The Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible use of land in and around cities and creating and sustaining thriving communities. This worldwide organization serves as a leader, facilitator, and advisor to help cities everywhere improve urban living spaces. ULI explores interdisciplinary and land development issues and shares knowledge with community leaders and citizens to create collaboration and change on both a local and international level.

Core is a proud member of ULI and was recently recognized by the organization for development excellence.

Greenways for Nashville

Greenways for Nashville is a non-profit organization raising awareness of and private support for Nashville’s greenways initiative. GFN works in partnership with the Metro Parks Department and the Greenways Commission to connect Nashville the green way.

Core supports Greenways for Nashville’s mission to create, preserve, and promote a system of greenways in Nashville and believes that Greenways are the key to connecting our vibrant neighborhoods.


Ever since Village Real Estate Services began in 1996, it has focused on the real estate consumers seeking alternatives to cookie-cutter houses and urban sprawl.

Village strives to recycle housing, with an emphasis on older, established neighborhoods. Village also supports in-fill and condo/loft opportunities in Midtown and Nashville’s business district, unlike many brokerages that cater primarily to suburban subdivisions and new developments.