• Land Development

    We have the ability to lead projects independently or partner with other entities to assist in their land development needs.
  • Building

    We can take you from conception to completion and make the process an enjoyable experience.
  • design

    One of the most important aspects of quality home construction is the design phase. We are able to help you design a project that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
  • Collaborative Citizenship

    we are actively involved in our community working with stakeholders and meeting critical needs throughout our community
  • infill

    we strive to build and operate in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way
  • Urban Planning

    We oversee innovative community planning and architecture to ensure each project enhances its surroundings
  • master planning

    We work hard to create planned communities with a clear vision that can evolve and withstand the test of time
  • purpose

    To bring energy, life, and commerce to Nashville's urban core through adaptive reuse of buildings of character, and new construction designed to integrate with existing building stock
  • sustainability

    Core has been a pioneer in sustainable development with environmental stewardship since the company's founding and will continue to push the limits when it comes to sustainability.
  • vision

    Our vision is to build a new generation of communities that reflect how people want to live today and in the future
  • responsible planning

    We believe that successful development respects the community, landscapes around us, and the environment