About Us

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Core DevelopmentSM is an award-winning real estate development services team focused on environmental stewardship and community revitalization.

Featured Projects


Alloy is a mixed-use project in South Nashville that combines modern residential living with upscale amenities, onsite businesses, and live-work spaces. Alloy’s innovative use of modular construction not only cuts back on waste but also cuts completion time in half.


With more than 20 successful projects under its belt, Core DevelopmentSM has been in a leader in revitalizing some of Nashville’s most transitional areas.

Meet the Team

Founded in 2004 by visionary Mark Deutschmann, Core Development’s team has decades of experience in the real estate development industry. In addition, Core Development’s leaders have built strong relationships and developed valuable partnerships over the years that have served our projects well. Core DevelopmentSM envisions successful and livable communities and works together to achieve that common goal every day.


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Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Mark Deutschmann, Core DevelopmentSM is committed to giving back to Nashville’s vibrant community through partnerships with organizations like ULI and through investments back into the community through the CoreFund.


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Core DevelopmentSM
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phone: 615.334.0010